20130921 713994

Kusaka after he has visited /krg/

A group that does nothing but talk about Kamen Rider, all day, every day. They worship Kusaka like the vicious sex god that he is. God, I just wanna run my fingers through his golden, flowing hair.

Kusaka's hair isn't actually golden, it's a delicious chocolate brown. God, I just want to lick his stomach all day. Kusaka is truly the hero that we need, but we will never deserve to have him. All hail Kusaka! Worship him as our savior!

Dang it, Jerry.


  • "JOKET" '' '-Anon commenting on his favorite Rider, Shotarp.
  • "Fuck off" -Anon repeatedly expressing his feelings towards a certain member of the community.
  • "le magenta dots" -Something about x-treme sengoku.

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